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Pet Point

Petheartpoint - Drinking Fountain

Petheartpoint - Drinking Fountain

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What are the primary concerns you face when it comes to ensuring your pet stays hydrated, especially when you're away?

  1. Limited Placement Options: Traditional pet water fountains require fixed wires, limiting where you can place them and posing a hazard for pets who might chew on wires.
  2. Inconvenience During Trips: When you're away, it's challenging to ensure your pet has access to enough water, especially for longer trips or frequent travelers.
  3. Cleaning Hassle: Cleaning pet fountains can be tedious, especially reaching all the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime accumulate.
  4. Difficulty in Maintenance: Internal wires in conventional pet fountains can make maintenance complicated, leading to potential malfunctions or breakdowns.
  5. Durability and Hygiene Concerns: Plastic fountains are prone to scratches, chipping, and absorbing odors, compromising hygiene and longevity.
  6. Inconvenient Water Level Monitoring: It's challenging to monitor water levels in traditional pet fountains, leading to the risk of running out of water.
  7. Stability Issues: Some pet water fountains are prone to tipping over, causing spills and messes.
  8. Whisker Fatigue: Narrow drinking areas in pet fountains can cause discomfort for cats, leading to whisker fatigue.


  1. Wireless Design: The cordless design allows flexible placement without worrying about tripping hazards or chewed wires.
  2. Long-Lasting Water Supply: The large water tank ensures a sufficient water supply for your pet, even during extended absences.
  3. Easy Cleaning: Made of stainless steel, the fountain is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic water source for your pet.
  4. Simple Maintenance: With no internal wires, maintenance is hassle-free, minimizing the risk of malfunctions.
  5. Durable and Hygienic: Stainless steel construction ensures durability, hygiene, and resistance to scratches and odors.
  6. Visible Water Level: Clear water level window and indicator light make it easy to monitor water levels and prompt refills when needed.
  7. Stable Design: The heavy-weight construction and anti-slip rubbers ensure stability, preventing tipping over.
  8. Cat-Friendly Design: Spacious drinking area prevents whisker fatigue, ensuring comfort for your feline friend.


  1. Convenient Placement: Set it anywhere without worrying about wires.
  2. Long-Term Water Supply: Large capacity ensures uninterrupted hydration for pets.
  3. Hygienic and Durable: Stainless steel construction ensures cleanliness and longevity.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Pet-Friendly Features: Spacious drinking area and quiet operation ensure comfort for pets.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind with the APETDOLA Wireless Pet Fountain! Ensure your pet stays hydrated and healthy, even when you're away. Order now and make hydration a breeze for your furry companion!

To install the APETDOLA wireless pet fountain, follow these steps:

  1. Soak the filter in water for about 5 minutes to prepare it for use.
  2. Fill the water tank with clean water to the desired level.
  3. Assemble all the parts of the fountain from bottom to top according to the user manual's instructions.
  4. Choose the desired working mode by pressing the button on the main control module.
  5. The cat fountain will start working, providing your pet with a continuous supply of fresh water.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to properly set up the pet fountain for optimal performance.


The APETDOLA wireless pet fountain features three different working modes that can be switched using the button on the main control module. These modes include:


  1. Sensor Mode: In this mode, the fountain releases water for 15 seconds whenever it detects motion within the sensing area, which is typically 4-6 feet with a 120° angle.

  2. Timing Mode: The fountain releases water for 20 seconds at regular intervals, typically once every 12 minutes.

  3. Continuous Mode: This mode ensures 24/7 circulating flowing water. However, it can only be used when the fountain is plugged into a power source.

To switch between these modes, simply press the button on the main control module until you reach the desired mode. Make sure to select the mode that best suits your pet's needs and your preferences for water flow.

What’s included?

1 x Cat fountain wireless 135fl oz/4L

1 x Main control module and pump

1 x Filter & 4 x Filter sponge

1 x TYPE-C USB cable and power adapter

1 x Cleaning set (Brush + Tweezers + Nano Sponge)

1 x User manual


  • The water pump and the impeller inside need to be cleaned regularly once a week to ensure smooth water flow.
  • The filter sponge should be replaced once a week.
  • Please replace the filter once a month.  


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