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Pet Point

Petheartpoint - PawPrint Protector

Petheartpoint - PawPrint Protector

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Are you struggling to keep your car seats clean and free from scratches, hair, and pet messes while traveling with your dog? Do you worry about your pet's safety and comfort during car rides?


Our Dog Car Seat Cover provides a reliable solution to these common pet-related car problems. With its waterproof and durable design, convertible side flaps, safety features, and easy-to-clean materials, it ensures your pet's comfort, safety, and your car's cleanliness during travel.


  1. 100% Waterproof: Provides comprehensive protection against spills, accidents, and pet messes, ensuring your car seats stay clean and dry.
  2. Premium Mesh Visual Window: Offers better air circulation and reduces your pet's anxiety by allowing them to see you while traveling.
  3. Multifunctional Usage: Easily switch between a dog car hammock and standard bench coverage, accommodating different needs and scenarios.
  4. Safety Traveling: Anti-slip design and Velcro opening for seat belt ensure your pet's safety and security during car rides.
  5. Easy to Clean: Machine washable or use a gentle cycle for hassle-free maintenance.
Don't let messy car rides with your furry friend hold you back from embarking on new adventures together. Invest in our Dog Car Seat Cover today and enjoy stress-free travel with your pet. Order now and experience the convenience, comfort, and cleanliness our product offers for your next trip! 

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