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Petheartpoint : FurGroom Pro

Petheartpoint : FurGroom Pro

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Are you struggling to keep your home free from pet hair and finding it challenging to groom your furry friend effectively without causing discomfort?

Our Cat Hair Glove & Pet Fur Remover Glove offers the perfect solution to these common pet grooming and cleaning dilemmas. With its gentle grooming brush, higher silicone tips for better fur collection, efficient cleaning glove design, and one-size-fits-all adjustable wrist strap, it provides a hassle-free way to maintain your pet's coat and keep your home clean.


  1. Gentle Grooming Brush: Soft and flexible mitt groomer turns petting into an effective shedding brush, removing pet hairs, light tangles, and undercoats efficiently.
  2. Higher Silicone Tips: Mollypaws pet brush glove has 255 higher silicon tips to collect more furs compared to other pet grooming brushes on the market.
  3. Cleaning Glove for Hair Remover: New silicone bar design specifically solves the hair removal and cleaning problem of pet families, making cleaner easier on couches, carpets, cat beds, and more.
  4. Soft Silicone Tips: Conical shape tips and longer bristles effectively deshed hair deeply, catching more hair at one time.
  5. One Size Fits All: Adjustable wrist Nylon stripe allows all hand sizes to wear it easily without a stuffy feeling, thanks to breathable mesh fabric.
  6. Three Colors Available: Three colors to choose from, providing versatility and aesthetic appeal for both pets and pet parents.
Transform grooming sessions into enjoyable bonding moments with your pet and say goodbye to pet hair mess in your home. Order our Cat Hair Glove & Pet Fur Remover Glove today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this grooming solution firsthand!

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