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Pet Point

Petheartpoint - Pet Dog Cat Paw Print Ink

Petheartpoint - Pet Dog Cat Paw Print Ink

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 Parents and pet owners often struggle to create clear and mess-free handprints or paw prints of their babies or pets for keepsake purposes.

 Introducing the Pet Dog Cat Paw Print Ink Kit Pad, a safe, non-toxic, and mess-free solution for capturing your child's or pet's hand or paw prints with ease.


  1. Commemorative gift: Ideal for parents to record their children's growth or capture precious memories of their pets.
  2. Material technology: Utilizes high-tech anti-cross and disposable pad technology for easy and convenient printing.
  3. Safe and non-toxic: Babies' hands or pets' paws do not need to directly contact the ink, ensuring clear footprints without any security risks.
  4. Pollution-free: Special production process leaves clear, real, and long-term preserved prints without any pollution.
  5. Lead and chemical stimuli prevention: Effectively prevents exposure to lead and other harmful chemicals, ensuring safety for babies and pets.


  1. Easy to use: Simply press the hand or paw onto the ink pad and then onto the provided paper sheets for clear prints.
  2. Versatile colors: Available in black, pink, purple, blue, and red, offering options to suit personal preferences or creative projects.
  3. Includes all necessary materials: Each package includes printing oil and two sheets of paper for immediate use.

 Capture precious moments and create lasting memories with the Pet Dog Cat Paw Print Ink Kit Pad. Purchase now to effortlessly preserve your child's or pet's hand or paw prints in a safe, mess-free, and convenient manner.

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