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Petheartpoint - WhiskerWander Smart Interactive Ball

Petheartpoint - WhiskerWander Smart Interactive Ball

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Are you struggling to keep your cat entertained and stimulated, especially during times when you're not available to play with them?

Our Smart Cat Interactive Ball offers the perfect solution to this common pet dilemma. With its engaging and intelligent design, it provides endless entertainment for your cat, stimulating their natural hunting instincts and keeping them engaged even when you're not around.


  1. High Quality: Made of food-grade ABS material, ensuring safety and durability for your cat to play with.
  2. Claw Control Size: The 43mm size is designed to better simulate the prey's size, enhancing your cat's natural hunting instincts.
  3. Intelligent Mode: Features intelligent mode where the ball simulates the escape trajectory of prey, rolling and hitting obstacles before intelligently choosing a route to avoid.
  4. Quiet Operation: With 90% of the cache material packaged in the outer layer, the ball rolls quietly, providing entertainment for your cat without disrupting your peace.
  5. Bite Resistance and Durability: Soft and skin-friendly silicone wrap increases friction, making it more resistant to bites and durable for long-lasting play.

Treat your cat to hours of fun and stimulation with our Smart Cat Interactive Ball. Say goodbye to boredom and provide your feline friend with the mental and physical exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. Order now and watch as your cat enjoys endless hours of entertainment with this innovative toy!

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